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What makes Geriatric Care Advisors special…

Helping people is just what comes naturally to Donna O’Hara and her compassion easily pours into her business. Donna has had a long career centered on helping the elderly since she began with The Heritage Law Group in 1997 as a Elder Care Coordinator and a Fiduciary and Government Benefits Specialist for over 19 years before opening up her own business.

As a business owner, Donna loves infusing her passions, skills, and her mission to help as many families as possible. This is a field that you have to keep an organized and level head. As each day brings different challenges and circumstances in the world of caring for the elderly, Donna keeps everything in the right perspective.

So if you have a need and your loved one is located in Hampton Roads – give Donna O’Hara a call at 757-344-7812 or email at

Donna L. O’Hara, CGCM, ECC

Received a Certificate in Geriatric Care Management from the University of Florida and is also certified through the International Commission on Healthcare Certification.  She has also completed the Elder Care Coordinator course at Stockton State College in conjunction with the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association.  These certifications, along with training as a Stephen Minister combined with more than 19 years of experience in the elder law field, both as a paralegal and a care manager, enable her to be an excellent advocate for quality services in all areas of long term care.

She works in close association with other Independent Senior Advising Contractors to help provide your loved ones the best service. 


To provide resources and services designed to prolong the independence and quality of life for seniors. 


To be known as caring and trusted facilitators that advocate for seniors; rights and to ensure that they are receiving the best care possible. 

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